The Daily Shuffle: Russell Brand May Get Half of Katy Perry’s Fortune In Divorce

katy perry, russell brandLast week the interwebs exploded with the news that Russell Brand was filing for a divorce from Katy Perry. Since then, tabloids have come up with multiple reports about how the couple’s handling the split, saying they’re happy, sad, relieved, depressed, etc. But naturally, the next thing to be discussed is the money situation…especially since Brand admitted to New York Magazine last year that they didn’t sign a pre-nup, which could mean he’s entitled to half of Perry’s millions. According to California law, in the absence of a pre-nup, the couple must split their earnings 50/50 and since Perry’s worth a little over $40 million, that means Brand could potentially be receiving a check in the sum of $20 million. You know, because that sounds fair, right? – NYDN

Aretha Franklin announced yesterday that she became engaged over the holidays to her “forever friend” Willie Wilkerson. Franklin’s rep confirmed the news to People magazine, adding that, “Ms. Franklin is considering Donna Karan, Valentino, and the queen of wedding dresses, Vera Wang, to design her gown.” And while no exact date has been set yet, the Queen of Soul herself commented on her upcoming nuptials, saying, “We’re looking at June or July for our date and no, I’m not pregnant, LOL!” Congratulations, Aretha! – People

Back in September, it was announced that plans to make a biopic centering around Elton John‘s life (called Rocketman) was well in the works. But the main question on everyone’s mind is — who should play the infamous artist? Well, according to the LA Times, John has a few suggestions on the matter and his number one pick to play himself is none other than Justin Timberlake. The singer told the newspaper, “I’ve got a wish list of people. No. 1 on my wish list is Justin Timberlake, because he played me before in a David LaChapelle video of Rocket Man and was superb. Can’t argue with logic like that! – LA Times