The Daily Shuffle: ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Sure She Made The Right Decision

ashley hebertThe Bachelorette and The Bachelor take a lot of heat for not being a realistic way to find love (well, it’s true), but that doesn’t mean the real thing can’t come along every once in a while. By now, we all know Ashley Hebert chose JP Rosenbaum on this year’s season finale, but will they live happily ever after? Ashley sure seems to think they will and has no regrets saying, “I’ve never even looked back for a second on my decision.” While she may have seemed torn on who to choose as her future husband on the show, Ashley claims “Our relationship really started after we left the show,” adding, “The show made us stronger than if we’d met on the outside.” Well sure, there’s nothing like a free trip to Fiji to get any relationship going. And while JP admits it was hard watching her being courted by other men and having to deal with the relentless attacks about their relationship in the media, the New York construction manager states, “You make it through something like this together, you can make it through anything.” Perhaps Ashley will get her fairy tale ending after all — only time will tell. – People

Looks like all those years of giving away free cars are about to pay off. Oprah Winfrey along with James Earl Jones and makeup artist Dick Smith will all be getting Oscars. The three honorees will be given Oscar statuettes at the Governors Ball November 12 of this year in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center, just above the Kodak Theater. Winfrey will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, which honors philanthropic and humanitarian contributions — something that I think we can all agree fits Ms. O perfectly. Oprah constantly supports various charitable and educational causes, including her own namesake foundations and the Academy for Girls in South Africa. Basically Oprah is amazing and everyone knows it, so she’s getting an award for it. Joining her in receiving honorary Oscars are Jones and Smith for their outstanding careers. Darth Vader and the “godfather of makeup”? The force is strong with these two. – Huffington Post

Charlie Sheen dropped his extortion lawsuit against his New York City porn star pal, Capri Anderson. The former Two and a Half Men star decided to drop the charges on Friday after numerous unsuccessful attempts to serve Anderson. For those of you that aren’t as obsessed with Charlie’s life, Anderson was found naked in a bathroom at New York’s Plaza Hotel in October after police were called and she basically accused the actor of assault and battery, claiming he threatened her and threw things at her while on one of his benders. Sheen retaliated with an extortion lawsuit, accusing her of stealing his $165,000 watch (a porn star stealing…there’s something new and unexpected). Now that the lawsuit is dropped let’s hope these two can get back to their normal lives of sex, drugs, and alcohol. – Radar Online