The Daily Shuffle: The Situation Is Suing Abercrombie

the situationMike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is firing back at Abercrombie after they publicly asked him not to wear their clothing last August with a lawsuit claiming the company has used his name to sell apparel. Sitch’s company, MPS Entertainment, submitted the paperwork yesterday and argued that A&F’s efforts to get him and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast to stop wearing their clothes was a publicity stunt to “significantly profit” from his name and likeness. Additionally, even though Abercrombie sells shirts that say “The Fitchuation” and “GTL…you know the deal,” the lawsuit states nobody from the company ever approached Sorrentino to begin a partnership. It’s still unknown how much money Mike is seeking in damages but if he’s approached the right way, he’ll probably settle for some hash browns. – The Insider 

Amy Adams is confused as to how other actresses become instantaneously skinny after giving birth. She told InStyle, “I read about these actresses who get on a stationary bike two weeks after giving birth and I’m like, ‘What? Where did you push your baby out of?’” she says. “Since having Aviana, I have a muffin top, and that’s okay right now.” She also describes what it’s like when she and her fiancée, Darren Le Gallo, go out on date nights. She said, “[They include] a lot of food and maybe a glass of wine,” she reveals. “We’re always like, ‘It’s 11:30! Woo-hoo! We’re crazy!’” – People

Us Weekly reports that Cameron Diaz‘s new main squeeze is P. Diddy. They dated in 2008 for a while, but their relationship has taken off again because they were spotted in late October at Catch in NYC, “nuzzling” and being “inseparable” and having their “hands all over each other.” Confirming their reunion is the fact they were sited just a few days ago “making out” and “acting romantic” at Scarpetta in Beverly Hills. Both of their reps deny a relationship, and one of Diddy’s friends told Us, “Diddy’s single whenever there’s a better offer on the table!” – Us