The Daily Shuffle: Tina Fey Is Pregnant Again

tina feyTracy Jordan would be proud of Jeff Richmond. Why? Cause Richmond just got his wife, Tina Fey, pregnant again! Whether it took place behind a middle school has yet to be confirmed. Anyway, this is great news. We need more people like Fey to procreate. She and Amy Poehler are doing their job by making funny babies, but it’s not enough! Apparently Kevin Federline is already on his fifth kid! It’s like Idiocracy is coming true. Oh. No. –People

Carrie Underwood told Ellen that after her husband moved to Nashville and moved all his stuff into their house she made a shocking discovery: he’s a hoarder. Actually, it’s probably more like he’s a dude. She said he wanted to keep a shirt with a stain on the sleeve. Of course he did! It’s still a perfectly good shirt! Women! What’s the deal? Am I right, am I right? –Us

Meanwhile, Glee hunk Matthew Morrison gave us the secret to his ripped abs: sweet potatoes. He told People, “The potato acts as a sponge and your body literally shrinks and gets ripped and tight.” Of course, he fails to mention the hundreds of thousands of sit ups you also have to do and the fact that you can’t slather butter and brown sugar on the sweet potatoes, but still! Sweet potatoes! Also, it seems Charlie Sheen might have been taking his advice as well. Yikes. –People, TMZ