The Daily Shuffle: Tom Cruise Would Do A Bollywood Movie

tom cruiseTom Cruise was visiting India this weekend and he was asked if he would ever consider doing a Bollywood film. He replied, “I love watching Hindi movies. There are many Hindi movies that come out every year but I do watch a few of them. (If offered a Bollywood film) I would never say no. I would love to do it.” So someone ask him, maybe? And then maybe Nicole Kidman could stop wondering why the kids she has with Cruise think he’s the better parent and choose to live with him? – THR

Kim Richards, one of the women featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has checked into rehab. Earlier in this season of the show, one of the other women, Brandi Glanville, observed Kim’s unstable behavior and accused her of doing crystal meth in the bathroom on one of the girls’ houses all night while she was drinking heavily. Additionally, Kim went to a plastic surgeon’s office this season and listed off all the medications she was on (which included Tomomax (an anti-seizure medication), Trazodone (for depression) and Lexapro (for anxiety)), and the surgeon said the combination of all of them meant it made sense why Kim always looked like she was intoxicated. There’s no word on where she’s receiving treatment, or for what. – E!, Wetpaint

Have you thought about what you want to happen to your body after you die? If you haven’t yet taken the time to instruct your loved ones on want you want done once you have passed on, then I suggest you put the process of writing letters to Milkbone and telling them about your smoothies idea on hold and follow Larry King‘s example and come up with a plan! King actually wants to be frozen, which is about as veritable an option as any! He explained, “I want to be frozen on the hope that they’ll find whatever I died of and bring me back.” So yeah, he’s essentially challenging us to keep him alive. And I don’t see why we should say “no thanks, Larry! We much more prefer Chinese finger traps!” because Larry is great. – People