The Grammys Red Carpet Fashion Roundup

There’s something about the Grammys that bring out the wackiest and wildest fashion fetishes in its attendant celebs. But who could have anticipated that Nicky Minaj would show up in a full leopard get-up, or that Lady Gaga would be escorted down the red carpet in an incubating egg? Or that Snooki would look….good? That’s right—it was a surprising night in more ways than one! Let’s check out the wackiest and the weirdest of the 2011 Grammy fashions!

Check out our full coverage of the Grammys fashions here or the photo, below.

The Grammys Red Carpet Fashion


Kate Durbin is a Los Angeles-based writer, performer, and fashion artist. She is the author of The Ravenous Audience (Black Goat/Akashic, 2009), Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot (Dancing Girl Press, 2009), and Kept Women (Insert Press, forthcoming). She is founding editor of the project Gaga Stigmata: Critical Writings and Art About Lady Gaga, which has been featured by and The Huffington Post, among others. Her fashion essay, .