The New Franz Kafka Videogame Looks Awesome

Franz Kafka Video Gamemif2000/YouTube

For those of us who wish the videogames out there had a little less violence and a lot more literary surrealism, someone has heard our cry. The Franz Kafka videogame is finally here, and it looks pretty awesome.

The game was named one of the best videogames of 2013 by PC Gamer, and it invokes the spirit of a literary favorite with references to Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and The Castle. The website describes the game as “a classic adventure game based on twisted Franz Kafka’s novels,” and we can’t wait to play! We’re also assuming that this creation will inspire other videogames with similarly awesome literary connections. For starters there are at least four Toni Morrison novels just waiting to come to a console. We’ll wait patiently for that one to happen.