The Only Thing Cuter Than a Bunny Is a Ryan Gosling Easter Egg

ryan goslingWhile most of you probably had a nice time spending Easter Sunday surrounded by numerous family members and vast amounts of delicious, high-calorie food (guilty), others were partaking in what I can only hope becomes a yearly tradition: a Ryan-Gosling themed egg hunt.

No, I’m not making this up (though that does kind of sound like me); this actually happened. Two hundred Gosling-themed eggs were hidden throughout New York City on Easter morning and all day long fans flocked to @GoslingEaster’s Twitter page for clues about the eggs’ whereabouts. And while the Hey Girl hunk was sadly never physically present, participants didn’t leave the search empty handed.

Inside each plastic multi-colored egg were small pictures of the actor, along with holiday messages written as if they were from the Canadian cutie himself. “I’m dipping myself in chocolate for you,” one message read. “Happy Easter from Ryan Gosling.” Another one said, “Hop on over to my house already.” You wouldn’t need to ask this girl twice. The finders of each egg were also encouraged to “Tweet this egg @GoslingEaster,” allowing the entire Twitterverse to feel involved in the virtual search.

Is anyone else totally bummed they missed out on this? After all, if there’s one thing I love more than chocolate, it’s Ryan Gosling.

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