Take a Froot Loop Bath with the ‘Bagboy’ from The Pixies’ New Video

Credit: Pixies/YouTube

Here comes your band, ladies and gentlemen. The Pixies are back with their first new song in nine years, and it’s awesome. It’s called “Bagboy” and it was released as a music video that’s equally awesome.

The video has everything from colorful smoke to broken plates on stacks of books to a hallway filled with balloons. Oh, and there’s a Froot Loop bath, complete with milk. It’s a colorful video that adds nicely to the song’s wonderfully simple, stripped down sound.

“The lyrics, coincidentally, were composed at a Starbucks Coffee in Harvard Square in Cambridge, about a hundred feet from where, 25 years ago, I composed some of the lyrics to an old Pixies song called ‘Break My Body,'” vocalist Black Francis told Rolling Stone of the song. “The music for the song has been around for a few years. There are some demos I made with Joey and David a few years ago in Los Angeles, related to a film idea that still has yet to see the light of day, although work on the music continued.”

Bassist Kim Deal recently left The Pixies after her 25-year, on-off relationship with the band, and it’s unclear whether or not she’s playing bass on “Bagboy.”

The new song may be out, but there’s still no official word of a new album from The Pixies. So for now, enjoy “Bagboy.”

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