The Royal Olympics: A Pictorial Guide to the Royal Family’s Athletic Attempts — PICS

Kate Middleton Hockey

Ahh, the Royal Family. Don’t you just love ’em? They’re so prim and proper… and British. You just want to squeeze their cheeks and put them in your pocket and carry them around with you to say nice British things like, “Another spot of tea?” And now, with the Olympics in their lovely land of Londontown, we get to see the Royal Family’s beautiful faces even more than usual. (How about the Queen at the opening ceremonies?)

Seeing William, Kate, Harry, and Charles so much recently has got us wondering: does royalty play sports? Besides croquet and polo, we mean. Turns out, they do! In honor of the Olympics, we have compiled photographic evidence of the times the Royal Family has tried their hands at Olympic sports. Let the games begin!

GALLERY: The Royal Olympics

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