The Situation Gets A Show on MTV

the situationMTV has already prolonged Snooki, Jenni, and Pauly D’s chances to revert back to normal lifestyles by giving them their own shows, and the network just exercised the very same strategy with Mike Sorrentino, otherwise known as The Situation. The man with such a rigid code of conduct has just signed a development deal with MTVl, and even though there’s not much movement going on right now, the pilot is supposed to be filmed later this year. On the partnership, The Situation said, “I’m excited to continue my relationship with MTV, which has been home for me for the last couple of years. I’m really grateful for all the support from my fans. Hopefully, there will be plenty more situations in the future.” Even though we know the details of his co-stars’ shows (Snooki and Jenni will be living in a rented house together and Pauly D will be traveling around the country doing DJ gigs), we still don’t know the premise of Sitch’s show. Not to worry though — Sammy and Ronnie still don’t have any commitments so if things get dull, they’re only a phone call away.

Source: Variety