The Style Evolution of Rihanna

Rihanna is a flawless QUEEN. She dropped onto the scene back in 2005 with her smash hit “Pon de Replay” and we’ve loved her ever since. Her sound has matured over the years, while still sticking to her Barbados flavor (See: “Work“). Along with her sound, so her style has also changed since 2005 and we have to say, it’s literal perfection these days. She could wear a paper bag around and it’d be better than high fashion. RiRi can do no wrong. See her best looks from 2005 to now!

July 2005
Rihanna, July 2005
Getty Images
Just a few short months after she released her first single, RiRi was showing off some skin and her major watt smile.
October 2005
Rihanna, October 2005
Getty Images
2005 was treating Rihanna well! She really enjoyed rocking her belly shirts back then.
April 2006
Rihanna, April 2006
Getty Images
In 2006, RiRi wore the biggest hoops we've ever seen and one of those peasant tops we ALL wanted.
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July 2006
Rihanna, July 2006
Getty Images
In the summer of 2006, Rihanna was working on her signature style and 10 years later, we're happy this satin piece is not something we'd see her in again any time soon.
November 2006
Rihanna, November 2006
Getty Images
RiRi looked flawless holding up her first MTV EMA, which she won for Best R&B singer! That hairstyle is giving us life!
February 2007
Rihanna, February 2007
Getty Images
Rihanna is pretty ageless to us these days, but we can't believe she was only 19 when she rocked this interesting green dress.
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November 2007
Rihanna, November 2007
Getty Images
By November of 2007 we knew Rihanna was here to stay, after she'd released her stellar 3rd studio album Good Girl Gone Bad. No matter what she wore, she served face and everyone enjoyed it.
February 2008
Rihanna, February 2008
Getty Images
Rihanna was pretty set by 2008, having won the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Umbrella" alongside Jay-Z while rocking a fierce new do.
June 2008
Rihanna, June 2008
Getty Images
Short hair, long hair - both look amazing on RiRi.
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September 2008
Rihanna, September 2008
Getty Images
Towards the end of '08, we don't believe RiRi was in her best space when it came to her personal life and this particular look proves that spilled into her fashion choices as well.
Rihanna, February 2009
Rihanna, February 2009
Getty Images
Rihanna looked pretty as can be at the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons. Sadly, due to some very traumatic personal issues with then-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna did not make it to the 2009 Grammys.
July 2009
Rihanna, July 2009
Getty Images
After all the drama that early 2009 brought for RiRi, she stepped out looking like this and proving that she came out on top.
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November 2009
Rihanna, November 2009
Getty Images
While her style was still evolving, we were lucky enough to see her play around with her hair color and we must say - we love blonde Rihanna.
March 2010
Rihanna, March 2010
Getty Images
Remember when you couldn't wear a big dress or jacket without a big belt to cinch your waist? No matter how silly that trend seems now RiRi totally nailed it here.
October 2010
Rihanna, October 2010
Getty Images
Only Rihanna could pull off a dress this loud.
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November 2010
Rihanna, November 2010
Getty Images
Those curls, that smize, god damn Rihanna is fabulous.
February 2011
Rihanna, February 2011
Getty Images
We know for damn sure you remember this Grammys dress she rocked. It was see through, all the way down...of course you remember it! Hey Kim K, Rihanna did it first and she did it better.
August 2011
Rihanna, August 2011
Getty Images
Fringe should be worn by no one, but Rihanna is the only expectation to this rule.
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February 2012
Rihanna, February 2012
Getty Images
Before everyone else was rocking a deep V and major cleavage, Rihanna was starting that trend and looking her best.
May 2012
Rihanna, May 2012
Getty Images
We love when Rihanna is able to show off her tattoos, meanwhile maintaining her classy style.
January 2013
Rihanna, January 2013
Getty Images
THIS. This is one of our absolute favorite looks of Rihanna's EVER. She's never looked better in her life. Her makeup, her hair, her dress...she missed those Grammys all the way back in '09, but she SHOWED up in 2013.
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May 2013
Rihanna, May 2013
Getty Images
Yes, just yes. That red lip is everything.
November 2013
Rihanna, November 2013
Getty Images
Once again, Rihanna wore something no one else could and pulled it off only in the way she is capable of.
May 2014
Rihanna, May 2014
Getty Images
This is a style we need to see more of from RiRi. She looks like a punk rock goddess.
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October 2014
Rihanna, October 2014
Getty Images
If you're going to show some boob, why not decorate them with some flower petals?
May 2015
Rihanna, May 2015
Getty Images
Yes, May 2015 is the time Rihanna wore a dress to the Met Gala that resembled a fried egg and we dare you to say anything against it.
August 2015
Rihanna, August 2015
Getty Images
Rihanna in August 2015 gave us serious deja vu to 2005 Rihanna and either way you look at it, she looked great.
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December 2015
Rihanna, December 2015
Getty Images
YASSSS QUEEN. Thank you Rihanna for blessing us with this epic slaying. Stay golden, you are perfect.