The Who


Music (29)

Minions 2015 (Movie)

("My Generation") (Song Performer)

CSI: New York 2004 - 2011, 2013 (Tv Show)

Theme Song Performer

Premium Rush 2012 (Movie)

("Baba O'Riley") (Song Performer)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000, 2002 - 2011 (Tv Show)

Song Performer

CSI: Miami 2002 - 2011 (Tv Show)

Song Performer

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003 (Movie)

("Who Are You") (Song Performer)

Shanghai Knights 2003 (Movie)

("Magic Bus") (Song Performer)

Almost Famous 2000 (Movie)

("Sparks") (Song Performer)

The Filth and the Fury 2000 (Movie)

("Pictures of Lily") (Song Performer)

American Beauty 1999 (Movie)

("The Seeker") (Song Performer)

Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me 1999 (Movie)

("My Generation (Live at BBC)") (Song Performer)

Bringing Out the Dead 1999 (Movie)

("Bell Boy") (Song Performer)

Outside Providence 1999 (Movie)

("Won't Get Fooled Again") (Song Performer)

Summer of Sam 1999 (Movie)

("Summertime Blues" "Baba O'Riley" "Won't Get Fooled Again") (Song Performer)

The Limey 1999 (Movie)

("The Seeker") (Song Performer)

Rushmore 1998 (Movie)

("A Quick One While He's Away") (Song Performer)

Prefontaine 1997 (Movie)

("Baba O'Riley") (Song Performer)

Jerry Maguire 1996 (Movie)

("The Magic Bus" "Gettin' in Tune") (Song Performer)

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus 1994 (Movie)

("A Quick One (While He's Away)") (Song Performer)

The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)

Song Performer

Fox Presents Tommy Performed By the Who 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Sgt. Pepper: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today 1987 - 1988 (TV Show)

Song Performer

The American Way 1987 (Movie)

(Song Performer)

Bad Timing 1979 (Movie)

("Who Are You?") (Song Performer)

Quadrophenia 1979 (Movie)

("My Generation") (Song Performer)

The Kids Are Alright 1979 (Movie)

("My Generation" "Can't Explain" "Baba O'Riley" "Tommy Can You Hear Me?" "Pinball Wizard" "We're Not Gonna Take It" "Substitute" "I'm a Boy" "Pictures of Lily" "I Can See for Miles" "Magic Bus" "Happy Jack" "A Quick One While He's Away" "Sparks" "Who Are (Song Performer)

Woodstock 1970 (Movie)

("Tommy" "I Got the Story" "Summertime Blues") (Song Performer)

Woodstock 1970 (Movie)

songs("Tommy" "I Got The Story") (Song)

Monterey Pop 1968 (Movie)

("My Generation") (Song Performer)
Actor (13)

12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief 2012 - 2013 (TV Show)


BBC Electric Proms: The Who 2012 - 2013 (TV Show)


The Concert For New York City 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


The Who Live at Royal Albert Hall 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


Pixelon's i-Bash! 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


ABC in Concert 1990 - 1998 (TV Show)


Ready, Steady, Go! 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Concert For Kampuchea 1979 (Movie)


Woodstock 1970 (Movie)