Thierry Chaffoin


Visual Effects & Animation (11)

Destino 2002 (Movie)

(Effects Supervisor)

Atlantis: the Lost Empire 2001 (Movie)

visual effects supervising animator(artistic supervisor/Paris) (Animator)

Tarzan 1999 (Movie)

visual effects animator (Visual Effects)

Hercules 1997 (Movie)

visual effects animator(visual effects animation) (Visual Effects)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 (Movie)

(visual effects animation) (Animator)

A Goofy Movie 1995 (Movie)

effects animation(Paris) (Visual Effects)

Runaway Brain 1995 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Marsupilami 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Petal To the Metal 1992 (Movie)

effects animation (Visual Effects)

DuckTales: The Movie 1990 (Movie)

animation assistant (Effects Assistant)