Thierry Lhermitte

Actor, Screenwriter
A French leading man usually in light comedy and often compared by cineastes to the American actor Tom Hanks, Thierry Lhermitte began in show business on stage in his teens and made his feature film debut in "L'an 01" ... Read more »
Born: 11/24/1952 in France


Actor (85)

Ma famille t'adore déjà 2016 (Movie)

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The New Life of Paul Sneijder 2016 (Movie)

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Nos femmes 2015 (Movie)

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Le Prof 2000 (Movie)


C'est pas ma faute 1999 (Movie)


Le Plus Beau Pays du Monde 1999 (Movie)

Col Valogne (Actor)

The Dinner Game 1999 (Movie)

Pierre Brochant (Actor)

Trafic d'influence 1999 (Movie)


An American Werewolf in Paris 1997 (Movie)

Dr Pigot (Actor)

Kings for A Day 1997 (Movie)


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Francois (Actor)

La Femme de mon pote 1984 (Movie)

Pascal Saulnier (Actor)

La Smala 1984 (Movie)

Cop (Actor)

Le Mariage du Siecle 1984 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Until September 1984 (Movie)

Xavier De La Perouse (Actor)

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Un Homme a ma taille 1982 (Movie)


Le Pere Noel est une Ordure 1981 (Movie)


Les Hommes preferent les grosses 1980 (Movie)

Herve (Actor)

Alors, Heureux? 1978 (Movie)

Richard (Actor)

Les Bronzes font du ski 1978 (Movie)

Popeye (Actor)

Le Dernier Amant Romantique 1977 (Movie)

L'Hermitte (Actor)

Les Heros n'ont pas froid aux oreilles 1977 (Movie)

Voleur de Pneus (Actor)

Sun Tan 1977 (Movie)

Popeye (Actor)

Des Enfants Gates 1976 (Movie)

Stephane Lecouvette (Actor)
Writer (7)

Les Bronzes 3: Friends Forever 2006 (Movie)


Le Prince du Pacifique 2000 (Movie)


Jungle2jungle 1997 (Movie)

from screenplay("Un Indien Dans La Ville") (From Story)

Nuit d'ivresse 1986 (Movie)


Le Pere Noel est une Ordure 1981 (Movie)


Sun Tan 1977 (Movie)

adaptation (Writer (adaptation))
Producer (6)

Le Prince du Pacifique 2000 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)

Les Collegues 1999 (Movie)


Charite Biz'ness 1998 (Movie)


Jungle2jungle 1997 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)

Little Indian, Big City 1996 (Movie)

Director (1)
Sound (1)

Little Indian, Big City 1996 (Movie)

dubbing producer(France) (Sound)


A French leading man usually in light comedy and often compared by cineastes to the American actor Tom Hanks, Thierry Lhermitte began in show business on stage in his teens and made his feature film debut in "L'an 01" (1972). In the mid-1970s, he was one of the founders of Le Splendid, a comedy troupe similar to Chicago's famed Second City. A sketch Lhermitte co-wrote about life at a Club Med called "Les Bronzes/Sun Tan" became a hit in France when made into a motion picture in 1976 and spawned an equally successful sequel. He went on to essay leading roles in "Les Heroes n'ont pas froid aux oreilles" (1978), and "Le Pere Noel est une ordure" (1981). The latter had Lhermitte running a crisis center on Christmas Eve and served as the inspiration for the 1994 Steve Martin vehicle "Mixed Nuts." Established as a major star of French cinema, Lhermitte. who also penned many of the scripts in which he acted. attempted to cross-over to the international market with a role in "Until September" (1984) but the film failed to catch on with American audiences. Returning to his native land, he went on to star in several films that were eventually Americanized including "Le fete des peres/Father's Day" (1990), in which he played a gay man who wants to father a child, "La Totale!" (1991), which James Cameron turned into "True Lies" (1994), and "Un Indien dans la ville/Little Indian, Big City" (1996), about a French man who discovers he has a son raised as a South American Indian whom he brings to Paris. That movie was supposed to further raise Lhermitte's American profile but American audiences were unresponsive. It did, however, serve as the basis for the Tim Allen comedy "Jungle2Jungle" (1997). More recently, Lhermitte portrayed King Louis XIV in "Marquise" and played a Parisian publisher engaged in one-upsmanship with his friends in "The Dinner Game" (both 1997). Amercian audiences were exposed to his considerable charms in the sophisticated Merchant-Ivory production of Diane Johnson's bestseller when Lhermitte played a suave, very married French diplomat with a penchant for seducing naive young American women--in this case, Kate Hudson--with his slick, roguish appeal and gifts of Hermes Kelly Bags.



Had leading role in the comedy "The Dinner Game"


Served as associate producer of "Jungle2Jungle", the English-language remake of "Little Indian, Big City"


Portrayed King Louis XIV in "Marquise"


Acted in "An American Werewolf in Paris"


Wrote, produced and starred in "Un Indien dans la ville/Little Indian, Big City"


Producing debut, "Les Secrets professionnels du Docteur Apfelgluck"; also scripted and starred


Played himself in "Grosse fatigue"


Co-starred in "La Fete de peres/Father's Day"


Wrote and starred in "Nuit d'ivress/Drunken Night"


Appeared in English-language "Until September"


Starred in "Le Pere Noel est une ordure"; also scripted


Starred in "Les Heroes n'ont pas froid aux oreilles"


Starred in "Les Bronzes", inspired by a sketch written through Le Splendid


Feature film debut, "L'an 01"

Co-founded French comedy troupe "Le Splendid"