Thomas G Krueger


Other (16)

Hostage 2005 (Movie)

Construction Medic (Medic)

In Her Shoes 2005 (Movie)

Set Medic (Medic)

Monster-in-Law 2005 (Movie)


Anchorman 2004 (Movie)

First Aid (Medic)

The Last Shot 2004 (Movie)


Seabiscuit 2003 (Movie)


Catch Me If You Can 2002 (Movie)


Punch-Drunk Love 2002 (Movie)


S1M0NE 2002 (Movie)

Set Medic (Medic)

The Country Bears 2002 (Movie)

Set Medic (Medic)

The Master of Disguise 2002 (Movie)


My First Mister 2001 (Movie)


Pearl Harbor 2001 (Movie)

construction medic(Baja unit) (Medic)

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 1999 (Movie)

set medics (Medic)

Magnolia 1999 (Movie)

production medic (Medic)

Molly 1999 (Movie)

aid (Other)