Thomas Nellen


Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (25)

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 (Movie)


The Darkness 2016 (Movie)

(for Mr. Bacon/Additional Photography) (Makeup Artist)

Point Break 2015 (Movie)

Makeup & Hair Designer (Hair & Makeup)

Seventh Son 2015 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

Seventh Son 2015 (Movie)

(for Mr. Bridges) (Hair Stylist)

The Giver 2014 (Movie)

(for Mr. Bridges) (Hair & Makeup)

R.I.P.D. 2013 (Movie)

Department Head Makeup (Makeup Artist)

White House Down 2013 (Movie)

Makeup Department Head (Makeup)

Tron: Legacy 2010 (Movie)

Personal Makeup Artist(to Jeff Bridges) (Makeup Artist)

True Grit 2010 (Movie)

Department Head Makeup Artist (Makeup Artist)

2012 2009 (Movie)

Department Head Makeup (Makeup Artist)

The Open Road 2009 (Movie)

Makeup Department (Makeup)

Maiden Heist 2008 (Movie)

Makeup Department Head (Makeup)

Nomad 2007 (Movie)

makeup department head (Makeup)

The Amateurs 2007 (Movie)

Department Head Make-Up Artist (Makeup Artist)

The Invasion 2007 (Movie)

Department Head Make-Up (Makeup)

Stick It 2006 (Movie)

(for Mr. Bridges) (Makeup)

A Slipping Down Life 2004 (Movie)

department head(make-up) (Makeup)

The Door in the Floor 2004 (Movie)

(for Mr Bridges) (Makeup Artist)

Seabiscuit 2003 (Movie)

Makeup Department Head (Makeup)

Tuck Everlasting 2002 (Movie)

Makeup Department Head (Makeup Supervisor)

The Patriot 2000 (Movie)

makeup department head (Makeup)

Same Old Song 1999 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

The Thirteenth Floor 1999 (Movie)

key makeup department head (Makeup)

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries 1998 (Movie)

key makeup/hair design(France) (Makeup)