Thomas Pushpathadam


Visual Effects & Animation (13)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 2013 (Movie)

FX Artist(Rhythm & Hues Studios) (Digital Artist)

Hotel Transylvania 2012 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Men in Black 3 2012 (Movie)

CG Effects Artist(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (CG Supervisor)

Green Lantern 2011 (Movie)

Effects Animator(Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.) (Animator)

How to Train Your Dragon 2010 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Monsters vs. Aliens 2009 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Ghost Rider 2007 (Movie)

Effects Animation TD (Animator)

Surf's Up 2007 (Movie)

Effects Animator (Animator)

Stealth 2005 (Movie)

CG Effects Animator(Digital Domain) (Animator)

Spider-Man 2 2004 (Movie)

Color & Lighting TD(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Animator)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003 (Movie)

Color and Lighting(Sony Pictures Imageworks) (Visual Effects)

The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000 (Movie)

digital artist & animator(Pacific Data Images/visual effects & animation) (Animator)

Forces of Nature 1999 (Movie)

digital artist(digital visual effects/Pacific Data Images) (Visual Effects)