Thor Roos


Camera, Film, & Tape (10)

Life on the Line 2016 (Movie)

Digital Intermediate Supervisor & Colorist(Encore Vancouver) (Camera)

Ratchet & Clank 2016 (Movie)

DI Colorist(Encore) (Camera)

Sausage Party 2016 (Movie)

(Encore Vancouver) (Colorist)

Final Girl 2015 (Movie)

Digital Colorist(Encore) (Colorist)

Escape From Planet Earth 2013 (Movie)

DI Colorist(Deluxe Vancouver) (Colorist)

Piranha 3DD 2012 (Movie)

DI Colorist(Technicolor Creative Services, Vancouver) (Colorist)

The Possession 2012 (Movie)

DI Colorist(Technicolor Creative Services) (Colorist)

Fifty Dead Men Walking 2009 (Movie)

DI Colorist(Technicolor Creative Services Vancouver) (Colorist)

New in Town 2009 (Movie)

Digital Intermediate Colorist(Technicolor Creative Services,Vancouver) (Colorist)

Stranger With My Face (TV Show)