Three Things That Totally Need To Happen Next Year On ‘Revenge’


There are a lot of things that this season of Revenge has gotten right. The protagonist finally seemed close to exacting perfect revenge on the Grayson household, having successfully made it down the aisle with Daniel Grayson. Unfortunately, her attempt to frame the ever-shady Victoria Grayson for her murder went dramatically awry, and fans probably get the sense that it could be another five seasons before Emily actually achieves revenge against the very people she’s been after this whole time. In hopes of this season ending on a strong note, here are a few things that absolutely must happen for Revenge to keep us fully invested in the show.

Nolan Needs A Legitimate Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Tyler, Padma, Patrick — Nolan Ross has had his fair share of relationship drama. But enough is enough. We’re ready to see him get a real, live boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t die or kill anyone, or anything weird like that. In fact, as long as Patrick can stay out of Victoria’s pocket, he’ll do.

Emily Needs To Tell Charlotte That They Are Sisters

It’s been kind of sad watching Charlotte walking around thinking that her sister is dead. Emily needs to come clean and tell her that she is, in fact, Amanda Clarke. Who knows? She might end up with another ally in her plot for revenge.

Someone In The Grayson Family Needs To End Up Dead Or In Prison

Seriously! It’s going to be very strange, and wholly unbelievable if yet another season of Revenge comes to a close and all of the Graysons are still alive, well, and free to rule the Hamptons.