Thurman Embroiled in Benefit Backlash

Actress Uma Thurman has been branded unreliable after allegedly going back on her promise to host a science benefit at the end of this month.

The Kill Bill star reportedly lent her name to the International Neuroscience Foundation event, not realizing the favor would involve acting as host for the night.

Her subsequent reluctance to commit to the job prompted organizer Liz Cohen to track her down on a night out and demand a definitive answer.

An onlooker tells the publicist “accosted and harassed” the star and told Thurman, “We need 100 per cent commitment!” But she was thrown out of the restaurant for not having a reservation.

Thurman, who is scheduled to be on the set of new movie Super Ex-Girlfriend that night, was unsurprisingly non-committal.

Her spokesperson says, “If she is done in time, she’ll be happy to attend.”

Cohen meanwhile insists, “Uma completely agreed to host the benefit–she is coming and doing it.”

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