Thurston Hall

Distinguished stage actor who appeared in film character roles from time to time, beginning in the 1910s.
Born: 05/10/1882 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Actor (99)

Topper 1953 - 1955 (Tv Show)


Texas Carnival 1951 (Movie)


Mourning Becomes Electra 1947 (Movie)

Dr. Blake (Actor)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947 (Movie)


Black Gold 1946 (Movie)


Without Reservations 1946 (Movie)

Baldwin (Actor)

Brewster's Millions 1945 (Movie)

Colonel Drew (Actor)

Bring on the Girls 1944 (Movie)


Cover Girl 1944 (Movie)

Tony Pastor (Actor)

The Great Moment 1943 (Movie)

Senator Borland (Actor)

The Great McGinty 1939 (Movie)


First Love 1938 (Movie)

Anthony Drake (Actor)

Going Places 1938 (Movie)


The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1937 (Movie)


Theodora Goes Wild 1935 (Movie)

Arthur Stevenson (Actor)

Love Me Forever 1934 (Movie)


Alias the Deacon (Movie)

Jim Cunningham (Actor)

Blondie on a Budget (Movie)

Brice (Actor)

Blondie's Secret (Movie)

George Whiteside (Actor)

Bride for Sale (Movie)

Mr. Trisby (Actor)

Bright Leaf (Movie)

Phillips (Actor)

Carson City (Movie)

Charles Crocker (Actor)

Chain Gang (TV Show)


Colonel Effingham's Raid (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

Counsel for Crime (Movie)

Sen. Maddox (Actor)

Counter-Espionage (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

Crash Dive (Movie)

Senator from Texas (Actor)

Crime and Punishment (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

Dancing Co-Ed (Movie)

H.W. Workman (Actor)

Design for Scandal (Movie)

Northcott (Actor)

Devil's Squadron (Movie)

Maj. Metcalf (Actor)

Don Juan Quilligan (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Each Dawn I Die (Movie)

District Attorney Jesse Hanley (Actor)

Ever Since Venus (Movie)

Edgar Pomeroy (Actor)

Extortion (Movie)

Prof. Tisdelle (Actor)

Fair Lady (Movie)

Italian banker (Actor)

Hard to Get (Movie)

John Atwater (Actor)

Hello Annapolis (Movie)


Hold That Ghost (Movie)

Alderman (Actor)

Hooray for Love (Movie)

Commodore (Actor)

I Dood It (Movie)

Kenneth Lawlor (Actor)

In Society (Movie)

Mr. Van Cleve (Actor)

In the Navy (Movie)

Head of Committee (Actor)

It Grows on Trees (Movie)

Sleamish (Actor)

Lady on a Train (Movie)

Josiah Waring (Actor)

Million Dollar Legs (Movie)

Gregory Melton Sr. (Actor)

Mother Eternal (Movie)

Edward Stevens, Sr. (Actor)

Murder in Greenwich Village (Movie)

Charles Cabot (Actor)

Night Stage to Galveston (Movie)

Col. Bellamy (Actor)

No Time to Marry (Movie)

Pettensall (Actor)

Oh, Doctor (Movie)

"Doc" Erasmus Thurston (Actor)

One Dangerous Night (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

One More Tomorrow (Movie)

Rufus Collier (Actor)

Out West with the Hardys (Movie)

H.R. Bruxton (Actor)

Pride of the Marines (Movie)

Col. Gage (Actor)

Remember the Day (Movie)

Gov. Teller (Actor)

Rings on Her Fingers (Movie)

Capt. Beasley (Actor)

Rusty Saves a Life (Movie)

Counselor Gibson (Actor)

Saratoga Trunk (Movie)

Mr. Pound (Actor)

Secrets of the Lone Wolf (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

She Knew All the Answers (Movie)

J.D. Sutton (Actor)

She Wrote the Book (Movie)

Van Cleve (Actor)

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (Movie)

Sen. Henry Babcock (Actor)

Skirts Ahoy! (Movie)

Thatcher Kinston (Actor)

Sleepytime Gal (Movie)

Mr. Adams (Actor)

Something for the Boys (Movie)

Col. Jefferson L. Calhoun (Actor)

Song of Nevada (Movie)

John Barrabee (Actor)

Tell It to the Judge (Movie)

Sen. Caswell (Actor)

The Affairs of Annabel (Movie)

Major (Actor)

The Blue Bird (Movie)

Father Time (Actor)

The Day the Bookies Wept (Movie)

Colonel March (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Wilbert Johnson (Actor)

The Golden Fleecing (Movie)

Charles Engel (Actor)

The Great Gildersleeve (Movie)

Governor Stafford (Actor)

The Great Lie (Movie)

Worthington James (Actor)

The Great Man's Lady (Movie)

Mr. Sampler (Actor)

The King Steps Out (Movie)

Major (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

The Midnight Patrol (Movie)

Officer Terrence Shannon (Actor)

The Squaw Man (Movie)

Henry, Jim's Cousin (Actor)

The Unfinished Dance (Movie)

Mr. Ronsell (Actor)

The Youngest Profession (Movie)

Mr. Drew (Actor)

There's Always a Woman (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

This Land Is Mine (Movie)

Mayor Henry Manville (Actor)

Three Daring Daughters (Movie)

Mr. Howard (Actor)

Three Little Girls in Blue (Movie)

Colonel (Actor)

Thrill of a Romance (Movie)

J.P. Bancroft (Actor)

Trapped by Television (Movie)

Curtis (Actor)

Twin Beds (Movie)


Two Sisters from Boston (Movie)

Lawrence Tyburt Patterson (Actor)

Up in Central Park (Movie)

Gov. Motley (Actor)

Venus Makes Trouble (Movie)

Harlan Darrow (Actor)

We Were Dancing (Movie)

Sen. Quimby (Actor)

West of the Pecos (Movie)

Col. Lambeth (Actor)

Wilson (Movie)

Senator E.H. ("Big Ed") Jones (Actor)

Women Are Like That (Movie)

Claudius King (Actor)


Distinguished stage actor who appeared in film character roles from time to time, beginning in the 1910s.