Ti Lung

Born: 08/19/1946


Actor (23)

All You Need Is Love 2015 (Movie)


Five Shaolin Masters 2014 (Movie)


The Delightful Forest 2014 (Movie)


The Heroic Ones 2014 (Movie)


The Warrior's Way 2010 (Movie)

Saddest Flute (Actor)

Butterfly Lovers 2008 (Movie)


Run Papa Run 2008 (Movie)


Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 2008 (Movie)

Luo Ping'an (Actor)

Jopok Manura 3 2006 (Movie)


One Last Dance 2005 (Movie)


The Legend of Drunken Master 1994 (Movie)

Wong Kei-ying (Actor)

A Better Tomorrow 1991 (Movie)

Sung Tse Ho (Actor)

City War 1988 (Movie)


True Colors 1988 (Movie)


A Better Tomorrow II 1987 (Movie)


People's Hero 1987 (Movie)

Sunny Koo (Actor)

The Legend of Wisely 1986 (Movie)


The Convict Killer 1979 (Movie)

Teng Piao (Actor)

Call Him Mr. Shatter 1974 (Movie)

Tai Pah (Actor)

Seven-Man Army 1974 (Movie)

Wu Chao-cheng (Actor)

The Empress Dowager 1973 (Movie)

Emperor Kuang Hsu (Actor)

Triple Irons 1972 (Movie)

Feng Chun-chiek (Actor)