Tiffany Shepis

Born: 09/11/1979


Actor (26)

Axeman 2014 (Movie)


Corpses 2014 (Movie)


Dark Woods 2014 (Movie)


Death Island 2014 (Movie)


Dorm of the Dead 2014 (Movie)

Amy (Actor)

Exit To Hell 2014 (Movie)


Rule of Three 2014 (Movie)

Dana (Actor)

Sharknado 2: The Second One 2013 - 2014 (TV Show)


The Basement 2014 (Movie)


The Ghouls 2014 (Movie)


The Hazing 2014 (Movie)


The Prometheus Project 2014 (Movie)

Elizabeth Barnes (Actor)

Thorns from a Rose 2014 (Movie)

Laurie (Actor)

Wrath of the Crows 2014 (Movie)


The Orphanage 2012 (Movie)

Katherine Rizzo (Actor)

Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula 2011 (Movie)

Bonnie (Actor)

Bryan Loves You 2007 (Movie)

Cindy (Actor)

Abominable 2006 (Movie)

Tracy (Actor)

Nightmare Man 2006 (Movie)

Mia (Actor)

Dark Reel 2005 (Movie)

Casey Blue (Actor)

Ted Bundy 2002 (Movie)


Everything For A Reason 1999 (Movie)

Joanne (Actor)

Some Fish Can Fly 1999 (Movie)

Partier (Actor)

Shampoo Horns 1998 (Movie)

Amy (Actor)

Tromeo and Juliet 1996 (Movie)

Peter (Actor)

Blood Oath (Movie)



Corey Haim Actor