Tilda Swinton Leads a Giant Dance Party in the Ultimate Expression of Joy

Credit: Ebertfest/Vimeo

While Tilda Swinton’s recent ventures — falling asleep inside a glass box in the Museum of Modern Art, and garnishing her face with centipedes for a W magazine photo shoot — might conjure some dark, probing fears about existence, death, and the human condition, the We Need to Talk About Kevin star (man, that was a brutal one, too… ) is hardly out of her element when it comes to good old fun. Swinton graced the arenas of the Illinois-based Roger Ebert film festival Ebertfest, offering not only a Q&A for her 2008 drama Julia, but also an unparalleled expression of human whimsy in the form of a Barry White-fueled conga line.

At the behest of Ebert’s widow Chaz, Swinton kicked off the Scotland tradition of film fest dance parties (so, who else is moving to Scotland now?) with a gleeful blaring of White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” to which she flailed with unadulterated jubilation through the aisles of the auditorium on Saturday, insisting that all present parties join in on the fun. And they did. And it was glorious:

So what latent dreams does this inspire you to conquer today?

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