Tilda Swinton’s Surreal ‘W’ Photo Shoot is Straight Out of the ‘Not Tilda Swinton’ Twitter Account

Credit: Tim Walker for W

For her photo shoot for W magazine’s May issue, majestic being Tilda Swinton ventured outside her glass box to return to the natural environment in which she was spawned. Clad in such organic materials as centipedes, grasshoppers, and flowers, Swinton looks less at one with nature than she does in utter control of it. 

Which made us think of one of our all-time favorite parody Twitter accounts, @NotTildaSwinton. Created by Eli Yudin and Carey O’Donnell (follow them on Twitter at @eliyudin and @ecareyo), the account presents Swinton as an otherworldly being, “A collection of universal energy. Mother of a bat, Theremiah Swinton,” if you will. It’s awesome.

We enlisted Yudin and O’Donnell, who stopped tweeting 140 character masterpieces from the account on November 1 after Swinton made a dramatic exit from Earth, to write brand new captions in the voice of @NotTildaSwinton to correspond with W‘s sublime images. Enjoy. 

Credit: Tim Walker for W

“A rare chance for you to see Gerrero, the caterpillar that lives in my skull! He has emerged, frenzied, for a glimpse of the world of fashion.”

Credit: Tim Walker for W

“This is my impression of the playful trumpet. Though to say impression would be inaccurate, for the trumpet was based on the structure of my throat.”

Credit: Tim Walker for W

“Do not mistake this for a snarl-my opened mouth wanders where it wishes. Although this could very well change when my second mouth comes in.”

Find more photos of Swinton in the May issue of W. 

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