Tim Field


Visual Effects & Animation (17)

Anthropoid 2016 (Movie)

VFX Consultant(Baseblack) (Visual Effects)

Hercules 2014 (Movie)

VFX Producer(Double Negative) (Visual Effects Producer)

Under the Skin 2014 (Movie)

Visual Effects Consultant(One Of Us) (Visual Effects)

Dredd 3D 2012 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Les Misérables 2012 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Unknown 2011 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Doomsday 2008 (Movie)

Producer(Miniature Unit) (Miniatures)

28 Weeks Later 2007 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Stardust 2007 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Firewall 2006 (Movie)

(The Senate Visual Effects) (Visual Effects Producer)

Virgin Territory 2006 (Movie)

Visual Effects Executive Producer(The Senate Visual Effects) (Visual Effects Producer)

Batman Begins 2005 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Band of Brothers 2001 (Tv Show)

Visual Effects Producer

Quills 2000 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Supervisor)

The Borrowers 1998 (Movie)

visual effects coordinator (Effects Coordinator)

Hackers 1995 (Movie)

visual effects coordinator (Effects Coordinator)

Octopus (TV Show)

Visual Effects
Production Management (5)

Johnny English 2003 (Movie)

(Production Manager)

Pitch Black 2000 (Movie)

(additional visual effects unit/motion control photography) (Production Manager)

Entrapment 1999 (Movie)

(The Magic Camera Company/miniature construction & photography) (Production Manager)

Lost in Space 1998 (Movie)

(The Magic Camera Company--miniature photography/model construction) (Production Manager)

The Adventures of Pinocchio 1996 (Movie)

visual special effects line producer(Sea Monster sequences) (Line Producer)
Camera, Film, & Tape (2)

Hellraiser 1987 (Movie)

Rostrum Cameraman (Camera)

Highlander 1986 (Movie)

rostrum photography (Photography)
Other (1)

Last Passenger 2014 (Movie)

Consultant VFX producer (Consultant)