7 Times Celebrities Shut Down Hecklers

Last week Britney Spears made headlines for calling out a rude fan while she was performing in Las Vegas. But she’s not the only celebrity who has shut down a heckler.

1. Britney Spears


While performing the pop princess heard someone in the crowd make a very rude comment on her weight. She had no problem giving that heckler a reply.

2. Kanye West


During his concert at the AT&T Center, the rapper stops in the middle of his song to point at his heckler for security to pull her out. His comeback? “Do I look like a motherf—ing comedian? Don’t f—ing heckle me! I’m Kanye motherf–king West! I am dead f–king serious!”

3. Russell Brand


A heckler decided to get underneath the comedian’s skin by yelling “Katy Perry” and “God save the queen” during the show. He then stopped everything, turned on the lights, and let the guy have it.

4. Jared Leto


At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the actor was accepting an award for his portrayal of transgender Rayon in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. A woman in the audience yelled “Trans-misogyny does not deserve an award.” Leto then allowed her to explain what she meant by that after throwing a small jab about her probably being drunk.

5. Bill Cosby


Cosby continued touring, despite being in the middle of many rape allegations against him. But he couldn’t just ignore how people started feeling about him. Hecklers showed up to his London, Ontario show and the comedian weirdly calmed them down before going back to his show.

6. Lil’ Wayne


A concert goer had a really bad end to his night after he typed “F**k Weezy” on his iPhone display. Lil’ Wayne pointed the fan out to security and a man later hit him multiple times.

7. Lauryn Hill


The singer made it on stage for her concert in London late. While she was talking to her audience a heckler decided to ask the obvious question of why they had to wait so long for the show to start. Ms. Lauryn Hill gave him an interesting answer.