10 Times Gabourey Sidibe Gave Us Life

Some people might have thought that after Precious Gabourey Sidibe wouldn’t get another acting role again. But they were thankfully wrong. The queen is all over television and movies making us laugh. But people who aren’t big fans of her are truly missing out on how she improves everyone’s life. Here are ten reasons why you need more Sabourey Sidibe to be happy.

1. She gives us a life-changing way to view fashion.


2. Her character on American Horror Story always spoke to us like no other character.

Tumblr/Ryan Murphy Productions

3. Her one liners on Empire make us laugh and we’re constantly quoting her.

Tumblr/Lee Daniels Entertainment

4. Her dancing always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Tumblr/E! Entertainment Television

5. Her self-deprecating humor is pretty funny.


6. She has no fear hitting on hot men, and it’s an inspiration to all women.


7. She reminds everyone that a person of any size can be glamorous and beautiful.

Gabourey Sidibe (31), Happy birthday, 6 may http://birthdaysoffmag.blogspot.com.es/2014/05/gabourey-sidibe-31.htmlTumblr

8. She is a wonderful inspirational speaker.


9. She points out the crazy stereotypes in Hollywood and how to have fun with them to be a little less depressed.


10. Her Twitter gives us all the Jussie Smollett updates we have been missing.