Tina Fey: “How I Got That Scar”

After years in the spotlight Tina Fey has finally chosen to reveal the story behind the scar on her left cheek. “It’s impossible to talk about it without somehow seemingly exploiting it and glorifying it,” she tells Vanity Fair in the January issue.

Her and husband Jeffrey Richmond tell the mag that she was playing in her front yard in Upper Darby, Penn. at just 5-years-old when a stranger approached her, violently cutting her cheek.

“She just thought somebody marked her with a pen,” Richmond says. 

The 30 Rock star claims the scarring didn’t affect her as a child saying, “I proceeded unaware of it. I was a very confident little kid. It’s really almost like [I was] able to forget about it, until I was on camera.”

Instead Fey is more concerned about being an over protective parent to her daughter Alice, 3.

“Supposedly, I will go crazy,” she says. “My therapist says, ‘When Alice is the age that you were, you may go crazy.’”