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Jerks, bitches, assholes, and brats. Call ‘em whatever you want, they’re all douches. 2012 was a big year for the obnoxious and annoying, but let’s make one thing clear: We at are not sexist, or ageist when it comes to describing the debauchery of a douchebag. From driving-challenged starlets, to fictional kings, children, and old men with atrocious hair — everyone has the potential to be a douche.

It’s not just a word for former frat boys with popped collars anymore, kiddos! The word “douche” encompasses all levels of idiocracy and ignorance, and then wraps it all up in an embarrassing little package. So to bring you a little more holiday cheer, we’ve gathered the top ten douches, and we invite you to boo and hiss your hearts out to those who made 2012 a lot more dramatic and a little less fun.

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