Tom and Katie Get Crazy in a Photo Booth

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get a lot of slack: they’re often dubbed a loony zealot and his brainwashed prisoner, respectively. But the pair deserves a lot more credit than they’re given (even if you can’t get over when she called him “weirder than a car salesman”). After all, they clearly pass the Photo Booth Test—a couple’s simultaneous expression of affection and silliness inside one (or more) photo booths: the utmost verification of romantic love.

Cruise and Holmes made up one of many pairs that took to the booth at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party 2012, thrown on Feb. 26. Every year, Vanity Fair opens the booth to celebrate (and embarrass) any Hollywood pairs willing to brave its threshold. Their photo booth frenzy followed Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star Tom Cruise’s presentation of the Best Picture winner on Oscar night. Holmes, who did not present at this year’s ceremony, recently spoke about her upcoming film The Son of No One, costarring Channing Tatum and Al Pacino.
Tom and Katie might top the list of celebs caught on camera, but some other noteworthy stars can be found posing over at Vanity Fair.



Source: Vanity Fair