Tom Hanks Mourns the Death of His Dog on Twitter

tom hanksI think everyone can agree that the loss of a family pet is one of the hardest things a person can go through. It’s like losing a member of your family. So it’s with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Tom Hank‘s dog, Monty. The actor – who doesn’t often go on Twitter – took to the social media site to write about his beloved canine’s passing. In honor of the pup’s memory, he posted the message: “Deep brown eyes, noble demeanor, finest dog ever. A sad day. Goodbye Big Boy,” while also linking to a picture of the dog on his WhoSay page. 

It pains me to dampen a Friday with such sad news, but we here and wanted to do our part to pay tribute to Hanks’ special companion (we’re big dog lovers over here). And speaking from someone who’s also lost a dog, I can say it’s a tough road to bear, but the fact that Hanks took the time to give a Twitter shout-out to his dog, truly shows how much he cared for him. Just another reason to love Tom Hanks. RIP Monty!

Click on the picture above for more photos of Tom Hanks.

Source: WhoSay, Twitter, People