Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Shares Shirtless Photos

Pursuing a career in entertainment when you’re the child of one of the world’s most famous actors can be surprisingly rough. Two of Tom Hanks‘ sons are following in his footsteps, and they’re both trying to step out of their dad’s shadow. Colin Hanks is trying to earn respect as a actor in his own right by taking on supporting roles in films and appearing in critically acclaimed TV shows like Mad Men, Band of Brothers, and Dexter. His brother Chester Hanks has taken a bit of a different approach. The Northwestern student has released several rap songs under the name “Chet Haze.” (Sample lyrics:  Girl, you can be my calendar/Let’s go on a date.”) Now he’s posted some scantily-clad photos on Twitter, in the hope that his impressive abs will draw attention to his music. 

Yesterday the 21-year-old posted these shots on Instagram along with the caption, “Ladies… This is for you.” He’s buff and modest!


Today Haze Tweeted, “Wow, 300 new followers overnight? Lol, I should have took my shirt off a long time ago…” No matter what, we’re guessing Chet’s dad approves. After all, Tom Hanks knows how hard it is to be a rapper. For proof, just check out the track “City of Crime” from his 1987 film Dragnet.