Tommy Dunne


Art Department (15)

Dracula Untold 2014 (Movie)

HOD Armorer (Armourer)

Haywire 2012 (Movie)

(Dublin) (Armourer)

Your Highness 2011 (Movie)


Green Zone 2010 (Movie)

Armorer(Additional Photography) (Props)

The Pacific 2010 (Tv Show)


Charlie Wilson's War 2007 (Movie)

Armourer (Props)

Blood Diamond 2006 (Movie)

Armourer (Props)

V for Vendetta 2006 (Movie)

Senior Supervising Armourer (Props)

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 (Movie)

Senior Armoury Technician (Props)

Munich 2005 (Movie)

Standby Armourer (Props)

Around the World in 80 Days 2004 (Movie)

Armourer (Props)

Black Hawk Down 2001 (Movie)

Armorer (Props)

Lost in Space 1998 (Movie)

dressing props (Props)

Michael Collins 1996 (Movie)

dressing props (Props)

Some Mother's Son 1996 (Movie)

(Funeral) (Props)
Other (5)

Bret Michaels: Life as I Know it 2010 (Tv Show)


Gladiator 2000 (Movie)

armourer (Other)

The Mummy 1999 (Movie)

assistant armourer (Assistant)

Saving Private Ryan 1998 (Movie)

assistant armourer (Assistant)

Cutthroat Island 1995 (Movie)

assistant armourer (Assistant)