Tony Leung Ka-fai

Born: 01/31/1958 in Hong Kong


Actor (58)

Beijing Love Story 2014 (Movie)

Liu Hui (Actor)

Horse Trader 2014 (Movie)


Tai Chi Hero 2013 (Movie)

Master Chen Chang Xing (Actor)

Cold War 2012 (Movie)

M.B. Lee (Actor)

Tai Chi Zero 2012 (Movie)

Chen Chang Xing/Uncle Laborer (Actor)

Cold Steel 2011 (Movie)


Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame 2011 (Movie)

Shatuo Zhong (Actor)

Bruce Lee 2010 (Movie)

Lee Hoi-Chuen, Bruce Lee's father (Actor)

Bruce Lee, My Brother 2010 (Movie)


Flying Duck 2010 (Movie)

(in talks) (Actor)

Bodyguards and Assassins 2009 (Movie)

Prof. Chen Xiao-Bai (Actor)

Gam chin dai gwok 2009 (Movie)

Lak (Actor)

Jian guo da ye 2009 (Movie)

PLA delegate (Actor)

Ashes of Time Redux 2008 (Movie)

Huang Yaoshi (Actor)

Lost In Beijing 2008 (Movie)

Lin Dong (Actor)

Election 2007 (Movie)

Big D (Actor)

Ganchung 2007 (Movie)

Shan (Actor)

It's a Wonderful Life 2007 (Movie)


My Career as a Teacher 2007 (Movie)

Chen Yu (Actor)

The Drummer 2007 (Movie)

Kwan (Actor)

Chang hen ge 2005 (Movie)

Mr Cheng (Actor)

Fear of Intimacy 2005 (Movie)


Gaudzi 2005 (Movie)


On the Mountain of Tai Hang 2005 (Movie)


The Myth 2005 (Movie)

William (Actor)

Three...Extremes 2005 (Movie)

(Hong Kong segment: "Dumplings") (Actor)

Throwdown 2005 (Movie)

Kong (Actor)

20:30:40 2004 (Movie)

Jerry Chang (Actor)

Sex and the Beauties 2004 (Movie)


Zhou Yu's Train 2004 (Movie)

Chen Qing (Actor)

Good Times, Bed Times 2003 (Movie)


Men Suddenly in Black 2003 (Movie)


Gongwu gogap 2000 (Movie)

Jimmy Yam (Actor)

Gua Sha 2000 (Movie)

Datong (Actor)

Love Will Tear Us Apart 1999 (Movie)

Jian (Actor)

Muk lo hung kwong 1998 (Movie)

Detective Pit (Actor)

Island of Greed 1996 (Movie)

Chou Chao-hsien (Actor)

Ashes of Time 1995 (Movie)

Huang Yao-shi (Actor)

Christ of Nanjing 1994 (Movie)


Evening Liaison 1994 (Movie)

Xu the Journalist (Actor)

92 The Legendary La Rose Noire 1993 (Movie)

Keith Lui (Actor)

Return of the God of Gamblers 1993 (Movie)


The Eagle Shooting Heroes: Dong Cheng Xi Jiu 1993 (Movie)

Tuan Wang-yeh (Actor)

Dragon Inn 1992 (Movie)

Chow (Actor)

The Actress 1992 (Movie)

Tsai Chu-sheng (Actor)

The Lover 1992 (Movie)

Chinese Man (Actor)

Tien Luo De Waun 1991 (Movie)


Hoyat Gwan Tsoi Loi 1990 (Movie)

Liang Seng (Actor)

Island on Fire 1990 (Movie)


The Laserman 1990 (Movie)

Joey Chung (Actor)

The Raid 1990 (Movie)


A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon 1989 (Movie)

Cheung Chi Mun--Mun (Actor)

Farewell China 1989 (Movie)

Zhou (Actor)

The King of Chess 1988 (Movie)

Wang Yisheng (Actor)

People's Hero 1987 (Movie)

Ah Sai (Actor)

Prison on Fire (Gaam Yuk Fung Wan) 1987 (Movie)


End of the Road (Movie)

Fan Long (Actor)
Producer (2)

Fear Factors 2008 (Movie)


Love Will Tear Us Apart 1999 (Movie)