Is There Anything Musicians Won’t Put Their Name To?

Sex Pistols Perfume

With album sales recently plummeting to an all-time low, it’s understandable that several pop artists are looking at other ways in which to boost their coffers. Mariah Carey recently teamed up with OPI to create a new holiday-themed nail varnish collection, Hanson launched their own brilliantly named beer, Mmmhops, in May, while One Direction have opened over 30 pop-up shops across the globe during the past twelve months. But while the concept of pop star merchandise may make financial sense, there are several official products which appear to be sorely lacking any logical sense. Here’s a look at five of the most bewildering.

The Weezer Snuggie

Not only did Rivers Cuomo and co. record their very own ‘ironic’ infomercial for their blanket with sleeves, but they also threw in a copy of their much-maligned seventh album, Raditude, with each purchase – presumably the only way in which they could shift any more copies.

Deadmau5’s Headphones For Cats

In-between producing brainless slabs of EDM and ranting about his fellow superstar DJs, Canada’s most famous mouse head-wearer somehow found the time to create a pair of headphones designed specifically for the likes of his beloved Professor Meowingtons. The reason why, nobody knows.

The KISS Kasket

Testing their obsessive fans’ loyalty to its limits, theatrical rock’s most blatant sell-outs unveiled the most jaw-dropping item in their catalogue in 2001 – a 20-gauge steel coffin emblazoned with the band’s painted faces and logo. Alongside a bottle of Jack Daniels and an Eddie Van Halen guitar, the late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was buried in one in 2004.

The Flaming Lips Silver Fetus Christmas Tree

Nothing says the season of goodwill quite like a trembling silver fetus-shaped Christmas tree ornament. Living up to his band’s unashamedly weird reputation, frontman Wayne Coyne even claimed that the slightly creepy declaration had the power to increase intelligence during his typically bizarre sales pitch in 2009.

Sex Pistols Perfume

Perhaps the most unlikely act to jump aboard the celebrity fragrance bandwagon, 70s anarchists Sex Pistols sounded the death knell for punk when they unveiled their own unique brand of perfume in 2010. Just who exactly would want to smell like Johnny Rotten remains a mystery.

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