Tracy Morgan Is Engaged!

Looks like Beyonce isn’t the only one that likes revealing big news on the red carpet at award shows. Tracy Morgan confirmed on the red carpet at last night’s Emmy Awards that he is engaged to his model girlfriend, Megan Wallover. But while this may be news to everyone else, apparently the couple have been engaged for quite some time now, but have been keeping it on the down low. The 30 Rock star admitted to E!’s Ryan Seacrest that, “We got engaged six months ago!” And here I thought there were no secrets in Hollywood. I guess he just wanted to wait for the right time and place to make the announcement.

So how did the slightly eccentric comedian pop the question? Evidently it wasn’t as outrageous as you would expect. Wallover explained how the proposal took place, saying, “We were in San Francisco.” And despite Morgan’s over-the-top antics, she insists that the proposal was “actually pretty traditional,” adding that “It wasn’t anything crazy. He was on bended knee.” This will be Morgan’s second marriage, who filed for divorce from his now ex-wife, Sabrina, in 2009 after 23 years of marriage. They share three sons together. But it looks like Tracy has found love once again. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Source: US