Translating the Video: David Guetta & Nicki Minaj’s ‘Turn Me On’

nicki minajThe always eccentric Nicki Minaj recently teamed up with David Guetta to concoct a visually unique music video for their collaboration, “Turn Me On.” And while the song itself is actually pretty catchy (alright, fine, I admit that I kind of like it), the actual music video leaves much to the imagination, which is where my expertise comes in. Granted, it’s nowhere near as monumentally insane as Minaj’s recent video for her new single “Stupid Hoe,” but it definitely deserves a creative breakdown of its own. Here’s what I think is really going on…


Nicki Minaj is turned on by robots.

What we expect to see in the video:

A slew of lovable, singing robots.

What we actually get:

My worst fear come to life: robots impersonating humans. You see, Nicki Minaj is not actually human — she’s a manufactured robot in disguise, whose mission is to slowly take over the world. Once created (out of wires and chocolate, apparently), Minaj beckons to her mechanical followers to build her the ideal robot man, who, once created, can join forces with her to conceive an army of tiny robots (yes, robots can reproduce). This union will allow Minaj to carry out her diabolical plan to take over the planet and rid the world of the human race — an idea that’s terrifying to us, but evidently arousing to her (hence the name of the song). Trust me, after this you’ll never look at those Old Navy mannequins the same way again.

Source: YouTube