Troyer denies harassment accusations

Yvette Monet told a judge that the Austin Powers star had been bombarding her with abusive phone calls, leaving her “awful messages” branding her a hooker.

In court documents, obtained by, Monet claims Troyer’s entourage carry guns, adding, “His friend Jose is a cop and has guns as well. I’m afraid for my life.”

However, the Mini-Me actor vehemently denies the allegations, and has vowed to fight the protection order in court.

His spokesperson tells blogger Perez Hilton, “Mr. Troyer is shocked and appalled to learn about the false and frivolous accusations that have been made by Ms. Monet. It is beyond comprehension that a Restraining Order could be obtained, with no notice to Mr. Troyer, and with no opportunity for him to defend himself, without any proof of any of the allegations. Mr. Troyer looks forward to responding to these allegations in court.”

It is not the first time Troyer has had trouble with a former lover – in 2008, he sued his ex Ranae Shrider after she leaked a sex tape featuring the couple to the media.