‘Twilight’ Star’s Tattoo Mistake: Celebrities with Cringeworthy Ink

Ashley Greene

Here’s a little something that the beautiful people of Hollywood haven’t really figured out yet: Tattoos. Are. Permanent.

This is just a humble suggestion, but if you’re going to use a needle to forever brand a symbol or a phrase into your skin, you should probably double-check the spelling first. It’s embarrassing enough when you send a misspelled tweet into the blogosphere, but if you’ve imprinted an incorrect message into your body, well, you’re just a special kind of dumb.

So, who’s the latest celebrity to fall victim to a tattoo faux pas? That would be miss Ashley Greene. The Twilight actress recently tweeted a picture of the newest body ink on her foot that reads, “Lifes a dance.” That’s lovely and all, but Greene clearly was not paying attention in second grade when apostrophes were introduced. Luckily Greene can easily add an apostrophe to her message, making it “Life’s a dance” and avoiding an arrest by the grammar police.

However, there are a handful of other celebrities whose misspelled tattoos are not so easily fixed. Read on for all the ink errors!

Christina Aguilera

Celebrity: Christina Aguilera:

What She Wanted: A tattoo of her former husband Jordan Bratman’s initials on her arm in Hebrew.

What She Got: The scrawled characters combined to read “12,” not “J.B.”

Our Opinion: Now that she and Bratman are divorced, she’s probably relieved that her ex’s initials were incorrect in the first place. In other news, why is Aguilera wearing so much body glitter in that picture? It wasn’t taken in 2002.


Celebrity: Rihanna

What She Wanted: The phrase “rebellious flower” printed on her neck in French.

What She Got: The cursive script reads “Rebelle Fleur,” which does not follow the French grammatical rule that the adjective should be placed after the noun. Literally translated, her tattoo means “Flower Rebel.” The singer claims that’s exactly what she wanted.

Our Opinion: Rihanna is never one to own up to her mistakes. One quick look at her recent Twitter pics can tell you that. She Chris Brown can bond over their shared love of horrible tattoos.


Celebrity: Coolio

What He Wanted: To pay tribute to the Insane Clown Posse with a tattoo on his bicep.

What He Got: The tat reads “Jugalo Cool” and is one “G” short of actually spelling juggalo correctly. Coolio claims that the spelling error was done on purpose and he has no plans to correct it.

Our Opinion: Even if the tattoo had been spelled correctly, who really wants a juggalo tattoo?

Hayden Panettiere

Celebrity: Hayden Panettiere

What She Wanted: “Live Without Regret” down the side of her back in Italian.

What She Got: The tattoo reads, “Vivere senza rimipianti.” Looks cool, right? Too bad there’s an extra “i” in “rimpianti.” Panettiere has admitted that she knows the word is misspelled, but because she can’t always see the tattoo it doesn’t bother her.

Our Opinion: We don’t care if the tattoo is on your back and you can’t see it every day. That’s like walking around with a giant “kick me” sign on your back and being too lazy to take it off. One quick check in Google Translator could’ve prevented the whole thing.

Which celebrity do you think has the biggest body ink mistake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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