Twitter Twits Ruin the Fun for ‘Twilight’ Writer

[IMG: LTwilight author Stephenie Meyer has dumped her MySpace and Twitter website accounts — because she’s sick of imposters pretending to be her.

The Utah-based writer admits she enjoyed when she could just answers fans’ queries online, but the idea quickly got out of hand.

She explains, “It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and I really miss the early days when I could hang out with people online … I wish it was easier for me to talk to everyone the way I used to.”

But she tells E! Online that imposters pretending to be her ruined the fun: “With MySpace no longer in existence, I can now clearly state that … there is no other outlet where I communicate with people online.

“I don’t do Twitter, so if you’re communicating with someone online that you think is me, it’s not.”

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