Ultimate Prank: Son Replaces Family Photos With Pics Of Steve Buscemi, Mom Never Notices

steve buscemi prank 2

Steve Buscemi is a renowned actor and all around good guy. Did you know he was a volunteer firefighter during 9/11? His extremely recognizable face really makes him standout in his roles and it’s probably why he’s had such a long, successful career. The actor starred in everything from Boardwalk Empire and The Big Lebowski to Monsters, Inc. As recognizable as Buscemi is, apparently one mom never noticed that his face was literally all over her house. 

In the prank to end all pranks, one sneaky son began taking the family photos his mom displayed around their home and switched them with photos of Steve Buscemi. She never noticed.

The prankster’s sister, Clare Manion, has been documenting her brother’s progress in slowly switching out every family photo they have. They’re hung up in prominent places, too! How do you not notice something like that?

It’s right there on that very clean shelf that looks like someone actually went through and dusted recently.

steve buscemi prank 3

This one’s hilariously hidden.

steve buscemi prank 4

Whoever this brother is, we want to meet him. We’d probably get on great, especially if he’s a fan of Steve Buscemi and pranking unsuspecting parents.

How epic is this?