Uncool Bands That Are Actually Pretty Cool

Hall and OatsKevin Corkum \ WENN

Some bands are just perpetually uncool to like. We’ve all been caught singing a song by a band/artist that we really shouldn’t be a fan of, only to brush it off as just a “guilty pleasure.” But is it so wrong to not feel guilty about it? Here are some bands that are considered to be uncool by many, but are actually kinda awesome.

A Swedish export more popular than IKEA or Volvo, ABBA was always the band no one wanted to admit they liked. The Swedish band wasn’t just glitz, glamour, and disco, but was actually a solid pop act that took their musical talents seriously. Besides, ironically or not, who can resist singing along to “Dancing Queen”?

Hall & Oates
It wasn’t cool to like Hall & Oates for a long time, and it’s not even certain if it’s safe to admit they’re kinda cool now. Their blue-eyed soul and rock and R&B fusion made them stand out among their contemporaries, and the duo ended up facing the wrath of music snobs and critics (redundant?) alike. A dive into their discography, however, and you’ll find a breadth of talent and slick production.

Electric Light Orchestra
Yes, their name is borderline lame. Yes, there’s that whole spaceship thing. But ELO is awesome. Often dubbed the band the Beatles would’ve been if they’d stayed together, ELO is chock full of some of the most creative minds in the rock genre. Whether you’re rocking out or tripping out, ELO is a must in any music collection.

Boston gets lumped into the generic “classic rock” genre, but the band stands out as a little bit more than that. The first band to make engineering cool, Boston’s breezy melodies masked some crazy intricate production (mostly done in the basement of leader Tom Scholz’s home, which makes it even more impressive) and musical wizardry. Case in point: the epic “Foreplay/Long Time.” 

Bee Gees 
Honestly, now – who here isn’t at least a closet Bee Gees lover? Though the image mostly associated with them involves gold suits with man-cleavage v-necks, chest hair, John Travolta, and chipmunk voices, the Bee Gees were a legitimately talented band of bros. The trio was at its best when songwriting and producing, and strutting their stuff in dilapidated buildings.