Unhappy Hour: 11 Ways Pop Culture Gave Us Reason to Drink on June 9


Welcome back, pop culture lovers, to this edition of Unhappy Hour. You could say that a major heat wave in the Midwest and the fact that fire season started early in every single flammable state are certainly reasons to take a trip to the local watering hole, but that would just be such a downer. Besides, how many times can shake our fists at nature in anger? It’s nature. It’s kind of on autopilot. Let’s instead consider these very man-made annoyances, complete with blamable parties. And then, let’s lather on the sunscreen, step out into the summer sun, and sip a few cocktails in the name the most frustrating pop culture stories of the week.

Frozen Piña Colada (Which is Basically Adult Ice Cream)

We Aren’t Elizabeth Banks in