Unhappy Hour: 9 Ways Pop Culture Gave Us a Reason to Drink on June 30

Channing Tatum Dressed as a GirlIt’s almost July 4! And since America’s grilling holiday is smack dab in the middle of the week (a Wednesday! Seriously?) I’ll bet you’ll be starting the celebration early this weekend. And as always, I’m here to provide you with a few handy dandy excuses to pop the bubbly or drink a cold one, or whatever it is you like to drink.

A Crisp Glass of Prosecco

Channing Tatum can make us like anything, even the age-old muscle man in a girl’s dress. 

He can also convince us to publicly view a movie about male strippers with only minimal shame.

The Internet thought June 27 was Back to the Future Day. But the Internet was wrong. 

Oh, the power of a few misinformed folks on Twitter.

Katie Holmes filed divorce papers. 

It was inevitable. Sad, but true, folks!

A Refreshing Tom Collins

People still love Charlie Sheen… a Lot

But at least the folks who flocked to his new FX show in record numbers stuck around for Louie, which we all know is the best show on television. 

Lindsay Lohan is playing with weapons inappropriately again.

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan. What happened to the whole “I’m a reformed person” and “I just want to work” deal? Posing with a gun is not the way to go, my friend. 

Ke$ha Is a Permanently Unclassy Lady.

But I guess if we don’t like it, we can “suck it.”

Break Out The Rum

The nation watched Ann Curry cry over her Today show removal. 

It was so heartbreaking, I’m not even going to degrade it with a snarky quip.

CNN Got The Biggest Headline of the Week wrong.

Like, 180 degrees in the wrong direction. On the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision. And as embarrassing as it must have been for the news network, it was the best news day for high quality Twitter jokes that this nation has ever seen. 

Chuck Norris Let Everybody Down. 

We knew Norris was conservative, but did he have to go and speak ill of the Boy Scouts and their new tolerant policies? The extra fist under his beard is weeping. 

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[Image: Jimmy Fallon's Instagram]

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