Man Attempts to Cross the Atlantic Via a Cluster of Balloons, Just Like in ‘Up’

Jonathan TrappeJonathan Trappe/Barcroft USA/Getty Images

While any person with a beating heart can’t help but shed a tear while watching Pixar’s Up, American aviator Jonathan Trappe was inspired by the film a bit more literally. He made a habit out of leaving the Earth via clusters of helium balloons. And on Thursday morning, Trappe attempted to make the world’s first trans-Atlantic crossing via 370 helium-filled balloons. 

“The Atlantic Ocean has been crossed many times, and in may ways, but never quite like this,” Trappe writes on his website. Trappe began his expedition Thursday from Caribou, Maine, after over 150 volunteers helped him fill his vehicles with gas. Onlookers included Caribou City Manager Austin Bleess, who told People, “It was amazing to watch,” and retired Air Force officer Joe Kittinger, the first solo balloonist to cross the Atlantic.  

Unfortunately, Trappe’s trip didn’t go quite according to plan, and he was forced to touch down in Newfoundland Thursday night after only 12 hours of travel. We hope Trappe is able to complete the journey someday, as long as he keeps his spirits up (har har). 

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