UPDATE: Daily Shuffle: Charlie Sheen Edition

Update: So not only did he go on TMZ with a livestream, Sheen’s publicist has now resigned. Keep it going Sheen!

Slow news today. If it’s not the Oscars, it’s Charlie Sheen. Seriously, Sheen’s ego is eclipsing everything else. If it weren’t for the biggest awards show in the business, Sheen would literally be all over every website. Now he’s only the third or fourth item. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped him from giving us the goods.

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He’s gonna sue CBS for over $300 million. He’s trying to make up for the lost source of income from the shortened season this year and the year he’s going to miss after. He says he’s worried about the crew too, but I don’t see him pledging any of his winnings going toward the crew. Come on Sheen, I know you’re angry, excuse me — “passionate,” but you gotta give some to the crew. Look what happened to Conan. -NY Post

If he does come back, he wants a raise. Specifically $3 million an episode. Yeah Charlie, that’s the way to make them happy. Ask for MORE money. -Vulture

He’s given two televised interviews. While he told ABC he would only do their show, the next day he taped another one for NBC. This might seem a little unfair, but its another dose of Sheen and his antics so we shouldn’t complain too much. He’s a little more dialed down on camera than he is on the radio, but we couldn’t see him fiddling with a wire from an F-18 on the radio, so there’s that. NBC’s interview airs tonight while ABC’s goes up tomorrow. WATCH THEM (previews here). It is truly amazing to watch Id personified. -Hollywood Reporter

He passed a drug test. No, really. -Vulture

His balls are the size of grapefruits. How do I know this? In this day and age, to publicly proclaim how awesome you are and live your life balls to the wall with no modesty you have to have huge cajones to even attempt this because everyone is expecting you to fail. Everyone thinks he’s two steps closer to death and everyone is on their toes waiting for him to fail. He’s not having any of that. Instead, we’re all just living in his world and he’s the king. And if he cured his addiction with his mind, so be it. In his defense, he did show up to work and the show wasn’t exactly hurting in the ratings. As he is so apt to remind us, he is winning and he’s just tired of being held back so he’s going to tell everyone how much he is winning. That takes some balls.

Ah, I’m right about to almost root for the guy and then I remember his history of violence against women. No amount of winning is an excuse for that, ever. One way or the other, he’s going to get what he deserves and we’ll be right behind him watching every step.