Update: Demi Moore 911 Call Tapes To Be Released

demi mooreUpdate: In other Demi-related news, it’s now being reported that L.A. officials plan to release a censored (to comply with privacy laws) version of the 911 call made by the actress’s friend on Monday night. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office reviewed the recording in the hopes of finding out what caused Moore’s medical ailments and will release the edited version sometime on Friday. Let’s hope some definitive answers finally emerge.

Earlier: More and more details about what put Demi Moore in the hospital earlier this week continue to pour in, and the details increase, so does our collective concern. Originally, Moore’s rep blamed the situation on “exhaustion,” (a term that loosely translates to “none of your business”), but there’s clearly more to this story than meets the eye.

A source told E! News that before she was hospitalized, Moore was hosting a dinner party for her friend’s birthday. And while that seems normal enough, apparently Moore’s behavior was anything but. The insider claims that the actress was “pretty hyper” for most of the night and not acting like her normal self. Another source also described Moore’s antics as bizarre, adding that she was “acting crazy.” Additionally, several people witnessed the star drinking from a wine class, although the source didn’t know exactly what it contained. She also left the party several times, only to return minutes later. It could have been a bathroom break, but perhaps this is when the alleged “nitrous oxide” inhalations took place. When the party winded down, the incident that led to hospitalization occurred. The last guest to leave witnessed Moore begin to suddenly convulse and act “like she was having a seizure,” which prompted her to call 911 for help.

That’s more information than we originally had, but there are still so many things we don’t know like the actual cause of this “seizure-like” episode. Was Moore slipping away to take drugs? Did her significant weight loss finally catch up with her? There are many possibilities, but one thing’s for sure: the exhaustion story seems unlikely.

But whatever the cause, apparently the doctors don’t find Moore to be in any significant danger since she’s already been released from the Sherman Oaks Hospital after just two days of treatment. Coincidentally, Moore’s release coincides with Ashton Kutcher‘s return to the States, after he was away in Brazil.

Whatever the truth is, let’s hope Moore gets the help she needs — and soon.

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