Update: Hilary Duff NOT Pregnant

hilary duff and mike comrieUPDATE: Duff isn’t pregnant. Loser.

Right, so the last celebrity who announced she was pregnant was Alicia Silverstone. Not really A-list, but I know neither one of us are picky creatures because we still give a shit about Kirstie Alley. I also know it’s not going to be terribly amusing to watch her gain 90 pounds because she’s not going to gain 90 pounds since she’s been vegan for something absurd like her whole life, which means she doesn’t eat frosting or liverwurst or anything nutritious, which means to us, she might as well not be pregnant. So the question is who’s going to be the next FUN person to watch during her pregnancy?

Turns out, it might be Hilary Duff! Star Magazine is reporting that Duff and her husband, Mike Comrie, are expecting their first child together. A source claims Duff is seven weeks pregnant, and even though “they weren’t actively trying to conceive, [they] agreed that if it happened, it happened.” They’re supposedly ecstatic. I don’t believe Duff adheres to any strict diets or anything, which means if she’s pregnant she’d embrace it and do it the right way by changing the names of all seven days of the week to Doctor Pepper flavors. And I also know she’d be one of those people who would be quoted as saying, “I’m not really doing anything to maintain my figure. For the first time in my life I’m letting my body do what it wants to do and was made to do.”

However, Duff very well might not be pregnant. This weekend, she was quoted in US Magazine as saying that she’s excited to have kids, but that she’s only 23 so she wants a little bit more time because they’re still in that “husband, I need some toilet paper!” phase. Also, they’re not even living together (she lives in L.A. and Comrie lives in Pittsburgh) which obviously means they spend limited time together. So, get ready to go dumpster diving for all those Hervé Léger dresses. Maybe.

Source: Star, US